Reminiscences of a Trip to Chiang Mai

07 Mar 2012

Luxury bus brought Wan and me from the capital of Thailand to the biggest northern city of this amazing country. This bus is called VIP, it has only 24 seats, which are really comfortable, your personal tv/computer, with which, except watching movies, you even can play video games. Distance between Bangkok and Chiang Mai is about 700 km (435 mi), but price for this VIP bus is just 610 baht (~$20)! Not bad, yeah?

We arrived to Chiang Mai early in the morning. On that bus we met one interesting American, whose name was Ananda. That is very interesting, that was his real name. He told me later, that his mom was a Buddhist, so she gave him Thai name. I met him few times later in Chiang Mai.

After we found our hostel and took a shower, we had to go to pharmacy to buy something to bandage my wound. On the way back we accidentally saw hundreds of people on the streets, not very far from us and decided to go towards them. And… that is how we learned about flower parade:

Flower Parade

Performance with flags

We were so lucky! We did not even know about this event, and we arrived right before it started. Many amazing photos were taken:

Second day we went to a trip around Chiang Mai, in the mountain area. The first destination was a flower garden:

Fountains in Flower Garden

Our second destination was a beautiful mountain place with a spring. Thai minorities live there, and you can buy a lot of amazing handcraft stuff for pennies.

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Feb 2012

The third place was this calm and shiny temple, at the top of the mountain. I liked it much better than Grand Palace in Bangkok. Interesting fact, that my t-shirt has the place I am at on it.

In the evening we went to Sunday Market street, and later Wanwan left. But she almost missed her bus! In the night I went to the Roof-top bar and met some football fans from Manchester. Later we went to so called Reggae bar.

Next day I walked around the city, visited few temples, including the most famous in the center - Wat Phrasingh. There are so many of them in Chiang Mai. Also, couple hours before I left I met Ananda again. He told me, that he already found an apartment to stay and now was looking for a job. Probably, an English teacher. We had some street food together and then I left to pack my backpack.

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Feb 2012

I did enjoy our visit to Chiang Mai very very much, as well as to travel with Wan.

Thank you for being my companion.