Trip to Thailand 2012 Overview

12 Feb 2012

Yesterday, Feb 11, I came back from Bangkok. It was awesome vacation and the third visit of mine of the most beautiful country in the world.

Interesting, that the first time, two years ago, I travelled alone and also spent several days in Malaysia, including Penang Island and KL. In Thailand I went to Koh Chang, Koh Tao and Koh Pha-ngan.

Second time, last year, I did island hoppings with my SO. We managed to stay at Koh Chang, Koh Mak, Koh Muk, Koh Ngai and Koh Phiphi. Also, we spent couple nights in Pattaya and one night in southern Trang.

This time I went to The Kingdom with my parents. It was definitely hard for me, since it was their first time and they don’t speak English. But I still had amazing time with my friends, whose help and care I do appreciate very much.

We flew SriLankan Airlines!

After warm welcoming in Bangkok, on the second day we moved to Koh Mak, a paradise island which we loved so much last year. It is quite and calm, clean and beauty, not polluted, thinly populated and slowly developing. As well, it is pretty cheap, if you know places to get food :D

With parents I stayed at Koh Mak just for couple days. I enjoyed swimming in the sea, I got Thai tattoo by falling off a motorbike, I made friends with local musicians and, the most important, explained to my parents how to return to Bangkok in detail.

Then I came back to Bangkok, met my Thai sister Wanwan and we headed to Chiangmai, the place which so many people recommended me to go for so long time. And I finally made it! I loved our trip, it was new experience for me. Simply amazing!

I spent two nights and three full days in Chiangmai. Definitely not enough to see all they have there. I think I should go there again one day. We took amazing VIP bus from BKK to CM, the most comfortable bus I have ever taken yet. And so cheap for such a distance! (605 baht for more than 700 km) So, we both slept very well and had enough energy to enjoy Chiangmai.

With Wanwan we were super lucky to arrive straight before fabulous Flower Parade, that spread around the ancient city. So many terrific photos have been taken. Beside visiting beautiful gardens and wats (temples), I made friends with interesting people there.

Thanks Wan for photo compilation

Wan left me alone on the second night. And she could not leave CM without adventures. We left our guesthouse 20 minutes before her bus should depart, even though tuk-tuk driver she found told us it gonna take about half an hour to reach bus terminal. We got stuck in a traffic as well. But she still made it, but had to call agency and ask bus to wait for her, The VIP.

The last night I went to The Rooftop Bar and met some football fans from Manchester, very fluent English-speaking Thai guy and others, who recommended us to go to Reggae bar, what we later did.

I came back to Bangkok to meet my old friends, mostly whom I know from my first trip to Thailand. I met almost everyone, including Ben, Paul, Chris and Rachata. Also, later in Bangkok there was:

Insane night at Khaosan road, with unlimited number of Jaegermeister shots again,

The perfect hangover day of my life in the semi-private swimming pool on the roof.

Later, while my parents went to Grand Palace, we prepared a huge surprise for my mum’s birthday, and many my friends joined us. Very very pity, that Wachi, the hero of the occasion, could not be there.

Wan and I are bringing the birthday cake in!

That was very nice birthday and farewell party, since at 7 am we had flight back to Shanghai. Surprisingly, no… Marvelously, no! Magically our return seats, all three of them, were upgraded to business class, and no one explained why, and it was the best flight in my life :D

I forgot to mention meeting Eframe, the Italian cook and good person, who did succeed to find a job in Bangkok and went back to Italy to prepare his working visa couple days before I left Thailand. Also, Sergey from Moscow, who had his own bar at Kazantip, new Wanwan’s friend, who travelled in jungles of Laos and flew to Philippines four days before I left Thailand.

It was general review of my the third trip to Thailand. Now I have about 5 Gb of photos and videos from two cameras, but not much time to sort and upload them all. I will do it little by little, and new posts about my trip should appear here soon.