Trip to Nanjing 2012

28 Jan 2012

Yesterday, Greg, my parents and I came back from amazing trip to the city of Nanjing. I personally enjoyed it very much, and I am pretty sure so did all my companions.

Just one hour and a half by train from Shanghai, and you are in absolutely different world, where people look at you as a stranger again. I mean a laowai.

Staying in Nanjing just for couple days, we succeed to see few places of interest. We climbed at the top of a hill, where Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is located, found Linggu Pagoda in twilights, when park was about to close.

Second day we enjoyed a view of Xuanwu Lake. Besides, we had a chance to see a crazy performance. It is hard to describe, so here is a video:

Also, the last night in Nanjing, we met some great people from UK in our hostel, which is located, by the way, near Confucius Temple. After playing some drinking games, we headed to a bar at Nanjing 1912 area. Our new friend demonstrated us her talent of bargaining with a bar manager and we got really amazing deal. Later they gave us 6 more bottles of beer for free o_O.

Well, and certainly, here are some photos from our trip: Nanjing 2012 trip