Where is my inspiration?

01 Mar 2013

Recently, few important things were bugging me. It is a feeling of becoming materialistic, it is a lack of inspiration to write, compose, read and simply act. I checked my blog and what can I see? The previous article was posted on Nov 7, 2012. That was almost four months ago when I wrote something last time. Besides, the previous article was in my mother tongue and pretty technical. Hasn’t this blog been created to improve my English skills and practice writing? Yes, it was! Did nothing interesting happen to me within last four month? Many many things happened! I did not even share my emotions of my first trip to Taiwan, the fourth visit to Thailand, where I met the comming of the year 2013. There also was my first trip to Cambodia. Besides, when last time I was in Hong Kong I have purchased a new MacAir, which supposed to unrestrain me from location and give me more oportunity to create. It is light, fast and elegant and it’s supposed to give me more space and desire to travel around and… leave some notes about my life. I know that in future I can read my articles and will be actually able to realize the changes and progress of my own evolution.

Recently I was plunged into different thoughts of how important and useful it would be for me to actually improve my writing skills. Yes, my articles here are pretty plain, boring, unstructurized, do not have a common idea except “Roman’s life”, are lacking of metaphors and crutial points of any kind, but, these all can change. To improve writing skills one need to do is to PRACTICE. And that’s exactly what I am doing right now. After reading another article about importance of being able to put some lines together, I have finally decided to open my favourite text editor today and squeez this output.

Trully, even a question of “what is my favourite text editor” made me hesitate for a while? Should I write in Coda or TextMate? I picked out the last one, assuming that it will be faster and would allow me to start writing right away, but I was wrong. This annoying dialog box of updating to a new version seriously seemed to want to discourage me from writing today. A though “When, if not today?” flashed in my mind, so after 15 times clicking on Cancel button I finally have started to press buttons on my wireless keyboard.

I don’t play guitar anymore! Unfortunately, I stopped. Seems like I quit composing music at all. Should it be permanent? Should I let it leave as it is? I don’t think so. Luckilly, few days ago I purchased new guitar strings and hopefully will be ready to recall my skills next week, when they are delivered.

On other hand, it is also wrong to say that I stopped self-improvement completely. On the contrary, last three month of my life were mostly devoted to improving my other language skills but English. Firstly, I finished reading a book called “Japanese the Manga Way” by Wayne P. Lammers. Great masterpiece, which gave me a good understanding of Japanese grammar basics, its complecated politness structure and how close it is connected with the language’s grammar. When next time I get inspired to delve into Japanese studying, I will definitely read some chapters of this book again.

After my Japanese fever was cured (by time, I believe), I had a strong passion to improve my Esperanto skills. The Esperanto language is actually easy and always so intuitively understandable, that after couple weeks I started to read some Wikipedia pages in it. This time my desire to continue learning Esperanto was also warmed up by some songs, composed and sang in this beautiful-to-ears language. The most involving are “Dancu” by Esperanto Desperado, and Dolĉamar’s “Ni Ĉiuj Ni”. Last time I was interested in learning Esperanto, which was about a year ago, I started to read a book called “Gerda malaperis”, but stopped after few chapters. This time I made it a bit further, but still hasn’t finished the whole book. Next time, I think I will be able to finish the book.

The most recent passion of mine, surprisingly, was all about Chinese language. I decided to set my Chinese level meter one scale upper this time. And after a month of hard work, I can proudly announce, that I finished reading the first Chinese book. It is called “盛世 中国2013”, very interesting fiction which is banned in China. Probably the content of the book actually made me read it all, since it brings very important social problems in the country where I live for last four years. Another interesting fact, is that this book was published 4 years ago and talks about the year 2013, starting from February of this year - a month that was missed. And I was reading this book in February. Later I hope I will have more time and actually write a review on this book.

Well, the ice has moved and hopefully from now on I will write some regulary and more. I can recall all my last trips, upload some photos, add some description to them. And even if it would not worth much from the literature point of view, I will practice and slowly but surely improve my writing level.