Why do I, being Russian, hate Russia?

26 Oct 2012

Today I found one very interesting article online which attracted me. I think it is rather exaggerated, but still I do agree with many aspects of it. Originally, the article is in Russian, targeted at the Russian reader, so I decided to translate it into English:

**Why do I, being Russian, hate Russia?**

Russian citizens are ashamed of their country and despise it. (Almost every one of us thinks: “Yeah, a country of fools, indeed”). And those who don’t despise it are idiots or scoundrels. However, the scoundrels despise it too, but hide it thoroughly. Don’t you agree? Try to remember, honestly, for yourself, with which emotions did you evaluate the events which are taking place in our country? For example, “only Russians could be treated like this”, “not surprising at all for our country”, “only our government can treat their citizens like this”, “in this case in the USA they would… ”. Can you remember at least a single evaluation of this kind?

There is a "national inferiority" complex deep inside us.

There is a special form of patriotism being cultivated in Russia now, based only on the hatred of others. Even if we talk about our merits, then, as a general rule, we say it like this: “our ancestors f**ked them all”, or “our missiles can f**king blow them up!”. This is the exact behavior of an evil nonentity, who feels deep down the superiority of the people around him. 

Our tolerance of any abuse from the authorities against the people can be explained very easily: “when was it different?” and “can it be different?”.

We are convinced in the normality of the situation.  Even if we elect a person we respect as our leader, we immediately start quietly to hate and despise him. Because a leader cannot be a clean-living person, and in Russia only a fool can care about people who depend on him, except, of course, his relatives and close friends.  The official by definition is a thief. However, he steals not from us, but from “the government”, and this fact determines our contemptuous condescension. Besides, all of us are not fools. We'd steal something from “the government”, if there were an opportunity. No matter if it is a tax or a train ticket.  Furthermore, for us the government is a so called punitive authority, withstanding “the people”, it's something that gets in the way of our lives, but it's also inevitable. We are fatalists. 

We are led by the defiance of the law, resulting from marginal “terms”, and the majority of them are resisting the government.

We despise our leaders, who don’t change anything in the current situation. We also hate those who decide to carry out reforms, inevitably imposing tragic costs... The principal position of the Russian “citizen”: no matter what, never confess that you are responsible for the situation in the country, but hang all the dogs who were directly or indirectly responsible for what has happened. 

We, unlike the inhabitants of the developed world, don't consider officials to be our workers; on the contrary, for us they are the ones who always create more and more problems for us from a desire to extract bribes or just to play a prank. What's most surprising is our officials are actually trying hard to conform to such an image, as if under the influence of the public stereotype.

It is not us who are trying to be "The Great Power" of Russia from our lowly position. We laugh at the very idea of it. We know from our childhood stories that we are "born in a pile of manure". But, "It is our motherland, my son."

We are passionate about our “little homeland” and our friends, but we despise our country and its people on the whole. Sometimes, we even gloat about the failures of our country at the international level – in those situations we treat our country as “the government”,  which in turn we perceive as our worst enemy. 

In certain situations, from being in the army to the immigration, the representatives of any nation try to help their tribesmen. But Russians are not like this. They would rather pretend to “nicht verstehen”, rather than get involved in the problems of their fellow countryman.

On the trains heading abroad we see Russians as the most undesirable companions. We cannot even imagine more pompous, cad and stupid people. It seems like these are the most important national traits, which we see in our countrymen and in ourselves.

I don’t know whose fault it is. Why are we like this? Bloody tsarism, Tatar-Mongols, the Bolsheviks or someone else? I don’t analyze, I am like a chukchi – I sing what I see. I just understand, that it is not the place and the people, where and with whom I would like to live.  

You can find original article here.