MongoDB Conf in Shanghai

31 Mar 2012

March 31, 2012 was Saturday. Although, because of Chinese holiday - Qingming Festival - it was not a free day, but the 6th day of 7-day workweek (but then we had small vacation from Monday to Wednesday).

I was allowed to leave office and was very excited to attend conference, organized by creators of MongoDB - 10gen.

Mongo Shanghai is a half-day conference in Shanghai, China dedicated to development with the open source, non-relational database MongoDB. 
Presentations were delivered by MongoDB engineers and experienced MongoDB users. Talks were conducted in Chinese and English.

The conference took place in Shanghai High Technology Park. I had chance to communicate with MongoDB developers, and was quite surprised that one of them, Kevin Matulef, was a subscriber of ChinesePod. He told me he used to live in Beijing and was quite a lazy student.

Also, at this conference I accidentally met Baohua - a chinese developer who used to work in ChinesePod too. 4-5 years ago. His supervisor - a project manager at The Net Circle - Milan from Slovakia is also a subscriber of ChinesePod and he told me he personally knows John Pasden.

That was a great day, where I met many interesting people and got priceless knowledge about developing and deploying with MongoDB. Yep, I love Shanghai! :)