I attended Barcamp 2012 in Shanghai

06 Mar 2012

Few days ago I have wrote, that I planed to attend the event. Nothing got in my road, that is I just made it. So, last Saturday, 3/3/2012, I spent the whole day at Haworth, which is located in amazing area of Shanghai near Jing’an Temple. Many curious things were seen, and a lot of interesting people were met.

I took a lot of photos. Here you can see the best of them:

In the morning, my friend Alex and I accidentally met at metro station. Surprisingly, we took the same train. Shanghai - a small village, ain’t it? Well, it is not absolutely so surprising in this case, since we both were heading toward the same place.

“Un-conference” took place in a high building at 17th floor. After registration, we went inside to acquaint ourself with new location. There was no as much space as comparing to the previous Shanghai Barcamp location. Schedule was available both on whiteboards in the main hall and online, on their websites.

I started to think what was more interesting for me to visit. There was a lot… but I cannot say something particular attracted me the most. I mean something, what I wanted to attend the most. The first presentation was about making cool photos with iPhone and applying some HDR filters straight on the phone. The presentation was called “How to impress Emo girls”. Mmm

During the day, I was a listener of many presentations of different topics. They were funny (e.g.: “Shit iPhone Developers never say”) and sometimes even rather complicated (e.g. “XCP Openstack”).

Still, I think the presentation which I liked the most was given by my co-worker John B. It was very informative, and (the most important) it was very very motivative. Thank you, John. I cannot guarantee I will start to study Clojure, but you motivated me in the common sense of being programmer. I do want to improve my skills, even more now.

At Barcamp, I had a chance to see many interesting devices in action (3d printer, different robots and that device, which connects to your head and catches brain’s electric waves), and even experienced riding the solowheel!

There was interesting speech about “The Lean Business Approach” given by French guy from Web Age Corp. Also, I attend less informative, but still interesting presentation about Hadoop.

Words are good, but to understand better the atmosphere of Barcamp, watch the video:

I definitely am happy that I have attended the event. Now I am thinking I might prepare something interesting myself for the next Barcamp. I mean I can try to give a presentation too.